Android Secure Coding Standards

Android devices have become ubiquitous and also part of our day-to-day life. It is loaded with various apps that have access to personal and sensitive information and hence it is more prone to security attacks. As an Android developer, it is absolutely necessary to write secure apps. This gives an assurance to the customer that your application is not going to compromise their sensitive information. It also helps to retain your brand value and customers. So while writing Android code, it is important to keep security in mind and avoid any kind of Android vulnerabilities.  It is highly recommended to follow the  Android Secure Coding standards to mitigate Android vulnerabilities in a development phase. You can also use third party services to scan your source code to make sure you have not missed anything. We use HP Fortify to make sure our code is secure. It was an interesting learning curve. This blog is a collection of the most general security issues which developers often miss. This blog also assumes that you have a basic understanding of the Android framework.